Saturday, February 23, 2013

Yoga and Exercise for Cancer Recovery

"Exercise is one of the most positive things a breast cancer patient can do for herself.

Yoga is not only a great physical exercise, but also a wonderful stimulant for the mind
and spirit." - Dr. Joan Kroener , Breast Oncologist, Scripps Clinic, La Jolla,CA

There is a tremendous amount of evidence that exercise keeps us healthier and aids in recovering from illness.  If you are living with cancer or in remission, now is the perfect time to start adding more movement into your daily routine.  You don't have to jog or do Zumba, although those are great fitness activities if they appeal to you.

ANY movement is better than none, but if you have recently had surgery or are experiencing pain, discuss your exercise/movement plans with your health care provider before beginning.

If you are fatigued, any movement might seem too much to manage.  And yet, just getting up and walking around your home can help send a fresh supply of oxygen throughout your systems, improve circulation, and give you a confidence boost. 

Yoga, in particular, is a mind-body practice that has proven highly beneficial to woman in treatment and recovery.  A study at UCLA validated that women with breast cancer who engaged in a three-month, twice-weekly yoga practice decreased fatigue and depression compared to a group of breast cancer patients who didn't participate.

You can find yoga teachers throughout the country, as well as on-line resources, to  help you start or modify a practice at home.  A group class of breast cancer patients/survivors is a wonderful way to add yoga and peer support as you make your cancer journey.




You are Worth It

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