Wednesday, January 2, 2013

 It's time to take down the Christmas lights. As I work quickly, one of the strands becomes tangled, the spiky bulbs weaving themselves randomly within the double-stranded cord. Instead of a six-foot length, I'm now holding a blob of green plastic cord and pointy glass bulbs. Sighing, I sit down to begin the tedious job of untangling them, tracing back to the plug, following the cord from point A to points beyond, pulling one end through a loop only to find I'm at a dead end and must undo what I have just done. Back and forth I go, a loosening and lengthening here, and then another tight knot appearing. Frustrated, the strand only partially unknotted, I stand up and give the whole strand a shake, dropping the freed cord and plug towards the floor. And just like that, the remaining clumps break free, loose, untangled. 

That's how it goes with healing our lives, too. We have a knotted mass of cords and spikes, events and people that have hurt us, which keep us bound up, unable to be open and free. To heal, sometimes we have to carefully look at each knot, each spike, following the strand of our story, in order to experience the relief that comes from understanding the cause of our pain. And finally, sometimes, all it takes is letting go, giving up, shaking the entire length of ourselves, to at last be untangled and free.

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