Sunday, January 6, 2013

One Thing

Have you noticed in reading blogs and news stories that lists are big? The 5 Crazy Things that XYZ is Doing to Stymie the Economic Recovery; the Top 10 Baby Names of 2012; The Seven Unhealthiest Habits; The Three Hottest get the idea. 

So here we are at the arbitrary pivotal turning point of year end/year beginning, and resolution lists are on your mind. If your resolution success rate has been less than “Score!” in years past, maybe the resolution was a LIST of things you intended to change or accomplish. After all, we are exhorted to “dream big”, “go for the gold”, or at a minimum, make a “to-do” LIST. We are think in terms of more, of growth, of grand, overarching goals.

Year after year, most of us fail to maintain our resolutions. In reflecting on this, I'm downsizing my resolution for this new year.

One. Not five, not ten, just simply... One. I'm going to do one thing differently. This one thing is a daily resolution, something that for, one time, on one day, I will change. With only one small resolution, I expect to minimize the distractions and excuses that derail intention and result in failure, things like spending too many hours on Facebook, blaming the snow on skipping exercise, or shortchanging my need for quiet time. 

Biting off only One thing, I believe that this one small resolution, cherished, may well lead to one very large revolution in my life.

Maybe this will work for you, too. I don't know what your one thing might be, and maybe it will be a different one on a different day, week, or month. But if taken as a singular resolution, and in a small, manageable way, doesn't it feel more possible, even probable? One more meatless meal. One less glass of wine. One book read. One walk. One day of silence. One kind gesture.

I know....these ones add up to more than one, and if that happens, that's OK. As long as each resolution is taken as a single intention or act, and not simply a part of a larger list, a longer list that only serves to weigh me down, increase my fear of failure, and diminish my self-esteem, I think I will be able to put a check-mark next to One resolution. What's your One thing?

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