Thursday, January 3, 2013

Making a Sleep Resolution?

I usually dread the shorter days of winter.  I have fewer daylight hours in which to accomplish things, since I tend to, as my husband claims, turn into a pumpkin once it gets dark. (Like Cinderella?  No, more like a bear that grunts and crawls into her lair.) 

But this year, instead of lamenting the lack of sunlight, I've discovered how very delicious it feels to simply let my body respond to the season.  An earlier dinner, unthinkable when the summer sun stays up until 8 PM--so much gardening time then--is much better for my digestive system.  In bed early, the book in my hands usually ends up on my face, as sleep and dreams claim me. I've found earplugs and an eye mask help me stay asleep through the long night, impervious to my dog's and husband's snores and the moonlight slipping across my bedroom ceiling.  7...8...10 hours some nights---heavenly.  
Not everyone is so blessed to have sleep visit and linger so easily.  I work with many folks who are desperate for better sleep, using hypnosis and thought-changing to help them break the insomnia habit entirely. 

Here's wishing you deep sleep and sweet dreams this winter, and beyond....

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