Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meat, Corn, Soy...oh boy!

"Bottom Line: don’t trust the USDA to tell you what to eat.  Let science guide your food choices; the foods consistently associated with reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, and premature death are not meat and milk; they are vegetables, beans, fruits, seeds and nuts."


By now you may have heard the loud "Oops!---mea culpa---we take it ba-a-ack!" from the USDA, where they endorsed Meatless Mondays and within days did an about face, under pressure from AgriBusiness Inc.

Which only goes to prove that they are at cross-purposes with what is in the best health interest of consumers.  

This reminds me of an irony (aka, outrage) that has existed for decades:  we spend a huge amount of money, including government spending, in paying for health services for those with diseases caused by smoking, while at the same time, giving crop subsidies to tobacco farmers and tax breaks to the tobacco corporations.  We continue to subsidize the food industries that are contributing to the diabetes and obesity epidemic in this country, and are then paying for healthcare to address these issues.  

For those who feel healthcare costs should be borne entirely by consumers, I am not in that camp.  Rather, we need to stop subsidizing Agribusiness to produce the ingredients (corn, soy) and animal products that science has proven to be prime contributors/causes of poor health and chronic disease.

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