Monday, July 11, 2011

Thinking about Quitting isn't Quitting

Just like trying to do something isn't doing it, thinking about quitting isn't the same as quitting.  Just because you plan to quit, intend to quit, really, really want to quit, the toxins from the next drag off that cigarette don't stop poisoning your health.

My mother died of heart disease, brought on by a lifetime of smoking.  She had her first heart attack at 53, and spent the next 15 years of her life disabled, swallowing 1000's of pills, struggling for breath, and dealing with three more heart attacks, two strokes, and THIRTEEN EPISODES OF CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE IN ONE YEAR, before dying in surgery to remove her leg, which had become blocked and nearly gangrenous with a massive clot.  Not fun.  Not recommended at all.  

She meant to quit smoking, of course.  In those days, the nurses would wheel patients out to the balcony and share a smoke with them, before sending them home in a few days.  I hope that behavior has changed in health care, and certainly we know so much more now about the true costs of using tobacco.  Today there are many more programs to help smokers quit than there were when my mom was alive.
But no matter how many programs and tools are available to help a smoker quit, they are worthless unless acted upon.  I'm a hypnotherapist, and I know hypnosis is a proven method for quitting, once and for all, but not unless you start using it. Because of my family history, I have a mission to help people quit smoking, and as long as you, the smoker, use ANY method to quit, I'm happy.  Pick one, whether hypnosis or any other, and stop thinking about quitting---just do it----quit now and quit for good.
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