Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Self-Hypnosis - Why Bother?

So many things in our world are coming full circle. Think of the trends towards growing some of our own food, raising chickens, riding a bike or walking instead of taking the car. One way to interpret these turn-abouts is that they provide us with a greater sense of control over our lives. For most of us, moving in the direction of these changes will likely not replace all of our trips to the grocery store in the car, but they may give us healthy food and stronger bodies.

So what's this got to do with self-hypnosis? It's about control and health.
When something you do - a habit - like snacking at 10 PM, or a tendency - like always picking the same guy or gal, in different disguises ... the one who treats you poorly or forgets your birthday - or a chronic condition, like pain from a car accident - makes you unhappy enough to want to change it, then one thing you can do is learn - and put to work - self-hypnosis.

Then you will have a proven tool in your hands - well, actually, in your mind - that you can use whenever and as often as you choose. Hypnosis, whether done with a hypnotherapist, or on your own, connects your conscious desires - like wanting to lose weight, get out of an unhealthy relationship, or relieve physical pain - with your powerful subconscious mind. Your subconscious is the part of your mind that sabotages your willpower and is so strong that despite your best intentions, you often fail at achieving your goals and dreams. The subconscious mind gets programmed during early childhood and at times of high drama or trauma in your life. The subconscious has learned what kinds of behaviors have “worked” for you in prior situations. It wants to protect you, but unfortunately, what worked when you were ten years old probably isn't working so well for you now.

With hypnosis, your conscious mind relaxes enough to allow access to your “subconscious software”, where you or the hypnotherapist can install the updated version, the version that is in alignment with your true desires and goals.

Learning and using self-hypnosis gives you more control to make the changes you want to make, so that you can create a healthier, and better quality, life.

The next Self-Hypnosis workshop is July 16 from 10:15 am -12:15 pm at Movement Studios in Corrales.

(Copyright Julie Cade, June 2011)

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